[Mageia-discuss] mageiapeople.org - Request for inputs

Josh King (dotmil) josh at linuxpunks.com
Sat Mar 24 16:55:59 CET 2012

Hey all,

This was originally brought up on the marcom mailing list, but it was 
suggested I bring it up here as well for feedback/comments. I look 
forward to hearing any comments that anyone has to offer.

1) What is it?
The idea is basically a planet for users of Mageia. These would be blog 
feeds and have to comply with the code of conduct of course. This idea 
gives people a chance to see there are real people behind Magia and is 
in line with what some other distros do (see Ubuntu for one). The 
official planet is designed for official team members/developers of 
Magia. Different groups of people, different reasons for being. It's 
conceived simply as a gateway to get users involved and looking to 
contribute further to Mageia as well as provide some entertainment. It's 
not in any way intended or designed to replace the official planet site

2) Where is it?
Currently it's hosted on my own server out of convenience and to provide 
a demo. It can be viewed at http://mageiapeople.org If community 
leadership so decides, this could be moved to an official infrastructure 
server very easily.

3) What can I do?
Comments and feedback are needed as stated previously are needed at this 
early stage. If you are interested in having your blog listed, you can 
reply here or (preferably) email a link to admin at mageiapeople.org.

4) What else is there to know?
This is for now only for blog posts. Ideas have been submitted to 
provide a similar site or section for micro blogging posts (i.e. 
identi.ca updates) but will be explored at some point in the future if 
this is well received.

I hope to gather as much input as possible. This is not meant to be 
something I do on my own, or as competition to any existing planets or 
blogs, but simply a way to allow the community as a whole to have a fun 
way to get to know each other and see the many ways Mageia is being used 
and by whom. Obviously there is the expectation that not all posts on 
your blog would be about Mageia, but we do expect that everyone who 
chooses to participate follow the Mageia code of conduct as well. I look 
forward to hearing back on this idea.

Josh (aka dotmil)

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