[Mageia-discuss] Mageia 2 upgrade testing - we're ready for more people to give it a try.

Doug Laidlaw laidlaws at hotkey.net.au
Fri Apr 6 12:41:30 CEST 2012

On Fri, 6 Apr 2012 08:00:03 PM "David W. Hodgins" <davidwhodgins at gmail.com> 
> I ran a test today, upgrading from Mageia 1 to Cauldron,
> as part of the qa testing for Mageia 2.
> On my 7 year old i586 system, a Mageia 1 install containing
> Gnome, KDE, and LXDM, the upgrade install of 2,187 packages
> took about 2 hours.  There were no package or file conflicts.
> There was one postinstall scriptlet that failed, which has
> been reported and already fixed.
> There was one postuninstall scriplet that failed, which will
> likely result in an update for Mageia 1.
> Neither of these two bugs caused any problems in the resulting
> installation.
> This is the cleanest upgrade distribution version upgrade I've
> ever seen.
> The only other problem I saw, were that, after installing 2100
> packages in one transaction, the distribution dialog appeared
> to hang, for about 20 minutes.  A little checking during the
> apparent hang, showed that is was processing 260,516 file
> triggers.
> After the delay, the dialog saying to reboot, just closed when
> the reboot button was selected.  After manually rebooting, the
> system came up properly, with everything working, that I checked.
> The upgrade testing has reached the point where the testing
> needs a wider variety of hardware and package selection, so
> more testers would be appreciated.  If you have the time, and
> available disk space, please consider trying out the upgrade
> procedure, and reporting any problems found.
> Note that, at this point in time, upgrade testing will result
> in an installation that will get it's updates from the Cauldron
> repositories, which by their nature, can be unstable at times.
> Don't use this for a production system!   Make sure you have
> a full backup, and tested restore procedures, just in case.

I was doing about the same thing at the same time.  I already have Cauldron 
running on a small partition, and the only problem there is the bug with 
xscreensaver, which I can get around.  I had decided that Cauldron was stable 
enough to run as my principal system, for a home user who can resolve simple 
things.  My system is an AMD Sempron, put together by a dealer in April 2007.  
I didn't want to download everything, because I nearly exceeded my allocation 
last month.  I first did an upgrade from the Beta 2 DVD, then updated from the 
online repos, to get around the rpmdrake bug and the old one about hal.

My experience was the opposite of yours, Dave.  Putting in the Beta2 DVD and 
telling it to upgrade Release 1 produced 2 or 3 conflicts in packages, so I did 
a fresh install from the Beta2 DVD.  There were two bad bugs.

1. Sound was enabled everywhere, but nothing heard.  Online, I read that I 
should enable sound in MCC, but it seemed OK there, and:-

2. The bug about system settings in MCC appearing frozen was very evident, and 
I can't work out its present status.

I hadn't run kmail on my test system.  It wouldn't upgrade to the new version 
in Cauldron without errors, and insisted that I store my password in KWallet, 
or I would have to type it every time (That will be an upstream issue.)  I am 
trying to move to Claws-mail, so I uninstalled Kmail, but it was still asking 
me for the password, even when it wasn't there.

So I restored my Mageia 1 system.  Everything worked, but the KDE panel was a 
mess.  I tried deleting files or the entire .kde4 directory, or creating a new 
user with default settings, but the result was little better.  In the end, I 
deleted the panel and installed KDE's default panel, then changed that back to 
what I had.  I am just waiting until I can ditch KDE, but Xcfe has its own 


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