[Mageia-discuss] beta2 woes and no graphical root (tonyb)

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Sun Apr 8 13:46:37 CEST 2012

söndagen den 8 april 2012 12.54.04 skrev  Wolfgang Bornath:
> maybe there is a reason to login to a gui as root - although in
> all my 17 years of Linux I haven't heard one. And I have never heard
> about any sysadmin who did it with a reason.
> -- 
> wobo

Lazyness in my case. Or call it efficiency cause of scarce time.
I want machines to work for me, do not have all hours to learn everything.

I can not learn everything, even less remember it.
A GUI session often have lots of useable tools to see what is going on, web 
browser to read documentation of what i am trying to do, can copy to virtual 
terminal, etc.

That is why even my server always runs KDE (but not as root)

Um... when i think about it i have not used GUI as root for a year or so, but 
it was a time saver in the beginning and i might have given up on Linux 
without it.

This is the few sysadmin hours of an own smalll company owner and home server.

Morgan Leijström

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