[Mageia-discuss] beta2 woes and no graphical root (tonyb)

David W. Hodgins davidwhodgins at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 23:27:42 CEST 2012

On Sun, 08 Apr 2012 06:54:04 -0400, Wolfgang Bornath <molch.b at googlemail.com> wrote:

> But maybe there is a reason to login to a gui as root - although in
> all my 17 years of Linux I haven't heard one. And I have never heard
> about any sysadmin who did it with a reason.

I always login to kde/gnome/etc., as root, at least once after a new
install, to configure the fonts and other appearance settings, so
that when I run "su -", and then kdiff3 or similar, it uses the font
size I want.

Rather then trying to login via the dm though, I just use Alt+ctrl+f2,
then login as root and use "startx -- :1".

Regards, Dave Hodgins

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