[Mageia-discuss] What network interfaces are supposed to be supported by boot.iso?

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Mon Apr 16 08:44:34 CEST 2012

söndagen den 15 april 2012 16.04.24 skrev  Sander Lepik:
> 15.04.2012 13:58, Morgan Leijström kirjutas:
> > I have a laptop with toast ethernet NIC.
> > A couple weeks ago i tried booting network install boot.iso and use intel
> > 2200BG interface, but i think it it looks like one file was missing.
> Did you try boot-nonfree.iso? It should contain nonfree firmware and
> drivers for such cases.
> --
> Sander

Yes, and i saw no difference at all; both interfaces fail.

Possibly it do not even power up the PC-card as leds never lit up to confirm 
the connection to router, but if i plug it in a working system it lits up.

So i guess that makes for two bugs?

Morgan Leijström

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