[Mageia-discuss] What network interfaces are supposed to be supported by boot.iso?

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Mon Apr 16 20:59:46 CEST 2012

måndagen den 16 april 2012 11.01.15 skrev  Thomas Backlund:
> Morgan Leijström skrev 16.4.2012 09:44:
> > söndagen den 15 april 2012 16.04.24 skrev  Sander Lepik:
> >> 15.04.2012 13:58, Morgan Leijström kirjutas:
> >>> I have a laptop with toast ethernet NIC.
> >>> A couple weeks ago i tried booting network install boot.iso and use
> >>> intel 2200BG interface, but i think it it looks like one file was
> >>> missing.
> >> 
> >> Did you try boot-nonfree.iso? It should contain nonfree firmware and
> >> drivers for such cases.
> >> 
> >> --
> >> Sander
> > 
> > Yes, and i saw no difference at all; both interfaces fail.
> Trouble for most (if not almost all) wireless usage is that we would
> need to know how to find and connect to the wireless AP and enter
> passwords etc, and this falls out of scope of boot.iso as it needs
> network access to download stage2 installer where this could be done.
> boot*.iso is supposed to stay small for local lan installs.

If wireless is not supposed to be supported it is possible to strip it to 
smaller size.  Now it seem half baked or bugged as it tries and fail.

 Great, i see info linked from download page, Good work :)
But more info about what the alternatives are 
supposed to support would be nice.
Maybe i should try all.img?

And in https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Boot.iso_install :
"there are still issues with bringing up the network and with drivers for WLAN 
cards (although in cauldron we have a boot-nonfree.iso that contains 
proprietary drivers, so this might change in future)."

> If we start adding more code to boot*.iso, it becomes the same as dual &
> livecds.

LiveCD was my second option but they were then not available...

Dual arch do not contain proprietary drivers.

Also, my situation is that I as many other users, have limited data transfer 
per month, so i try to download as little as possible, use urpmi-proxy, and 
normal internet proxy.

Maybe there should be a mini-live, that boots up to LXDE desktop (or similar), 
english only, only simple text editor, mcc drakxtools, etc, gparted, and all 
possible drivers for NICs and graphics. ( no office packages, picture tools, 

I guess a serieously stripped down variant of the normal Live iso would be 
less work than getting the currently non working boot-nonfree.iso, and 
maintain it ?

> what could/should be done is to add possibility to load nonfree
> firmware from additional local media to stage1

I am pretty certain i saw that option during boot

> > Possibly it do not even power up the PC-card as leds never lit up to
> > confirm the connection to router, but if i plug it in a working system
> > it lits up.
> > 
> > So i guess that makes for two bugs?
> --
> Thomas

Morgan Leijström

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