[Mageia-discuss] What network interfaces are supposed to be supported by boot.iso?

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Mon Apr 16 22:49:25 CEST 2012

Am 16.04.2012 21:42, schrieb Thomas Backlund:
> 16.04.2012 22:24, Florian Hubold skrev:
>> Am 16.04.2012 11:01, schrieb Thomas Backlund:
>>> Trouble for most (if not almost all) wireless usage is that we would need to
>>> know how to find and connect to the wireless AP and enter passwords etc, and
>>> this falls out of scope of boot.iso as it needs network access to download
>>> stage2 installer where this could be done.
>> Uhmm, maybe i didn't understand something, but what
>> would be the point then to have some wireless firmwares
>> in boot-nonfree.iso ?
> not much for now, the iwl packages I have added is in order to test what
> can be done... but that is still wip....
> But it  also carries kernel-firmware-nonfree wich is needed for some
> disc controllers and even wired lan cards and so on...
> --
> Thomas
Yes, and radeon firmware, i know. Thanks for that! ;)
I was just asking about the wireless part, to be clear.

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