[Mageia-discuss] UEFI

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Mon Apr 23 06:13:59 CEST 2012

Tony Blackwell a écrit :
> Where do Mageia 1 and Mageia 2 stand regarding UEFI boot, disk sizes etc?
>  I saw a lot of fearful discussion 3-4 months ago about hardware 
> becoming dedicated to MS and unchangeable to linux.  Went shopping for 
> new motherboards today and couldn't get relevant info; seems with ASUS 
> and Gigabyte all the new Intel 2011 boards are UEFI.  Think I've seen 
> that grub supports UEFI?  (Is my favorite lilo out the window now?)  
> Will M2 (and will M1) install and boot on disks above 2.2TB?  What 
> came of concerns re MS and cryptographic keys?
> tonyb
According to wikipedia, linux has been able to boot EFI since the year 2000.
Mageia (and Mandriva before) supports GPT (the partition tables used on 
UEFI disks) on MBR disks, since I've been using that for well over a year.
More info at http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFI

Grub supports GPT since version 1.97 patched for GPT (which 
Mageia/Mandriva used), and on versions 2.x and up.
Lilo may not work with EFI, but there is Elilo. 
(The last release in 2007)
The 2,2TB limit is for MBR disks.  EFI and Linux support much higher limits.

Initially there were some problems with diskdrake, but I think that they 
have been solved.  (The workaround for formatting partitions on disks 
with GPT partition tables was using gparted.)



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