[Mageia-discuss] KMail 4.8.2 in Magiea-2-beta3

Maurice Batey maurice at bcs.org.uk
Mon Apr 23 19:11:58 CEST 2012

Being away from base for a while, I'm trying the Mageia-2 Beta3 on the

The install went well (apart from the difficulty persuading it to use
LABEL instead of UUID in /etc/fstab!).

I then struck a problem in KMail, though, when trying to Import
'maildir' email from Mandriva 2010.2.

No problem with Inbox (6,019 emails), but a bizarre result with

There were 4,859 emails to import from Sent-Mail, but only 1,027 made
  During the import the number of emails done started to fluctuate
around 1006 - backwards and forwards, before finishing at 1027 (i.e.
over 3,000 emails missing (also 55 duplicates found).

Tried it twice. Same result. 
So deleted the Sent-mail KMail-Import folder, and tried:

rsync -avx

That worked quickly and perfectly - no emails missing - and KMail
handles the folder as normal.

Has anyone else come across anything like that?
	(Retired in Surrey, UK)     

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