[Mageia-discuss] can bootable partitions be detected during installation?

blind Pete 0123peter at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 11:02:15 CEST 2012


During a test installation of M2b3 some other installations are 
detected and get listed in the Grub menu, but others don't.  
For example, Ubuntu is ignored.  That uses Grub2 so it would be 
a bit much to expect Grub to understand it, BUT Ubuntu's Grub2 
is installed on Unbutu's root partition.  

Can partitions with boot loaders on them be detected and listed 
in Grub's menu as something to be chained?  i.e. Install M2b3 
and get Grub installed to the mbr.  Then on booting, Grub could 
present a menu that includes all of the standard M2b3 options, 
any other kernels that were found (not the Ubuntu kernels because 
they are under Grub2 and too hard) and an entry for the Ubuntu 
partition.  The partition is LABELed "Ubuntu".  If "Ubuntu" were 
selected from the M2b3 mbr Grub menu, then the Grub2 on the Ubuntu 
root partition could be chained (and then an Ubuntu kernel).  

Is this do-able?  

blind Pete
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