[Mageia-discuss] About routers and switches and Mbit/s

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Sat May 5 14:04:00 CEST 2012


Le 2012-05-04 19:14, JA Magallón a écrit :
> As someone would say... that al depends.
> For the speed from each computer to the intenet, you are safe. The ISP
> speed is the limit.
> If you talk about moving files between computers inside your home, you
> should try to keep gigabit interconnection everywhere. Some numbers:
> - i have an Linksys WRT320N at home. Raw performace measured with
> iperf between win and linux is about 800Mbps.
> - real performance is much worse, copying from my win server to my linux
> box (win share mounted on linux), gives about 500 Mbps
> - as music server, if you use mp3 even at 320 Kbps, you can serve about
> 1500 simultaneous streams... at 100Mb, only 150 ;)
> - if you play videos for example mounting a shared drive on clients:
> playing an mkv HD video, that totem says is compressed about 3MBps,
> uses a bit more, about 4Mbps (read via samba client from linux),
> so bandwith is pretty fine even at 100Mb
> - the only problem is when you want to copy a big file and don't want to
> wait... that is where gigabit really pays off. Copying a 1.2 Gb file
> took 30 secs on gigabit, that means 300 on 100Mb, so five minutes..
> So, for usual media streaming, you are fine at 100, but for heavy file
> movement, gigabit is worth it.
> You can leave your router alone, and get a decent giga switch for
> about 100 euros.
> http://www.appinformatica.com/hubs-switch-linksys-switch-8p-10-100-1000.php
> http://www.appinformatica.com/hubs-switch-connection-switch-rack-19-16ptos-10-100-1000.php
> (sorry for the spanish shop, but it was what I know well)

Thanks for all of this and the speed comparisons, really helpful. I'll 
check out the switches available here in Canada.



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