[Mageia-discuss] Odd entry in log file

imnotpc imnotpc at Rock3d.net
Sun May 6 20:23:30 CEST 2012

Some of my mga2 boxes are recording lines like this:

May  5 08:42:38 Cedar1 kernel: [2420746.469695] ll header: 00:11:09:01:8f:2b:00:18:4d:9d:dc:39:08:00
May  5 08:42:38 Cedar1 kernel: [2420746.470060] martian source from, on dev eth0

I don't know about 'martian', but those IPs are indeed unfamiliar and 
not anything I'm aware of. Any idea what is causing this and if it is 
something to be concerned about?


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