[Mageia-discuss] Odd entry in log file

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Thu May 10 12:52:05 CEST 2012

On 05/09/2012 09:54 PM, imnotpc wrote:
> I did install and run tcpdump then I realized that the answer was 
> under my nose the whole time. The kernel log message gives the MAC 
> address of the sending and receiving interface. After all this 
> discussion, effort, and advice,  all I really needed to do was find 
> the device with the sending MAC address. Which, as we suspected, was 
> the wireless router. I still don't know why it doesn't NAT those 
> particular packets, but in the big picture it doesn't really matter 
> since they go nowhere.

I'm not so sure.  If you're correct in saying that the wrouter is 
NATing, then the packets it sends out would have its IP address and MAC 
no matter which wireless system they came from.  Also, if you're getting 
thousands of them per day, I wonder if this is *all* of your wireless 

In your TCPDUMP, do you see any traffic at all to and from, the IP you think the wrouter is using ?  If not, then 
it's possible the wrouter isn't using it at all.

Check the wrouter config and see if has any significance.  
Is it the router itself ?  The DNS server ?  Or is it one of the 
DHCP-assigned addresses ?  If so, what system has it ?

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