[Mageia-discuss] Mageia 2 RC - Installation from a DVD with a beginner point of sight

Pierre Jarillon jarillon at abul.org
Thu May 10 13:08:33 CEST 2012

As usual, I burn a DVD. I install the RC release on a PC and I write on 
another what happens. 

1- On the first screen, F2 allows to choice the langage. The timeout is too 
short and people who discover this screen have no time to press F2.
A timeout of 60s or no timeout should be a better choice.

2- Durin package installation, the remaining time is too much false. It begins 
with 50min, shows 1h30 but 15min later it shows 5 minutes.

3- In "Résumé", setting local hour, Paris is selected, that's right but when I 
ask for a ntp server, France should be selected instead of the whole world.

Installation is near of perfection, but we always need to do better :-)
After the reboot. The result works very well and is beautiful!
I have a Midiman Delta44 sound card. I just need to set the levels in 
envy24control to make it work.
The "nouveau" video driver works fine with a card GeForce GT220. With this 
card, I can forget the proprietary driver.

Problems found

1- Video mp4 : there is no sound. a pop up asks for a plugin MPEG*4 AAC but 
AAC is the coder, AAD is the decoder which is needed. More, the tainted 
packages must be selected first. gstreamer-faad is needed.

2- mpeg sequence, v2, program multiplex: A pop-up says that DVD subpicture 
decoder is needed and is unabled to find it. However, the movie starts and 
stops few seconds later.

3- After the installation,  it should be great to have a screen saying:
- you may select the sources of software and for example, unselect the CD/DVD, 
add the non-free, the tainted and their updates which are necessary to allow 
flash and mp4.

These little problems for a geek,  are montains for beginner. With Ubuntu, 
they have no to take care of them. This is a reason for its success.

Pierre Jarillon - http://pjarillon.free.fr/
Vice-président de l'ABUL : http://abul.org
Microsoft est à l'informatique ce que McDonald est à la gastronomie

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