[Mageia-discuss] page of Mageia in wikipedia (in english) has been deleted

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Sun May 20 10:50:39 CEST 2012

> Johnny A. Solbu a écrit :
> A part of the problem is that "notable" is not well defined in
Wikipedia. In the context of Linux or open source, it is obvious to
> implicated in these areas that Mageia is notable.  But for
> computer-field ignorant, that doesn't mean anything.
> Most scientific articles that I have read in Wikipedia do not qualify as
"notable" by the definition given in Wikipedia, so "notable" is not
applied in a coherant manner.
> So what is really needed is correcting the definition of notable in
Wikipedia, or at least correcting it's domain of application.
> Of course, we can always do some manipulation to make Mageia qualify,
but that doesn't correct the considerable weakness in Wikipedia.

Well, by that rationale, the other linuxes in that linux list can be
deleted too...

at least we fork off a main distribution, not like all the *buntu based ones

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