[Mageia-discuss] Release candidate trial

Len Lawrence tarazed25 at gmail.com
Tue May 22 07:41:11 CEST 2012

Dell XPS m1730, Intel Core Duo 2, x86_64, nvidia graphics.
Mageia 1 running perfectly.

Have at last got round to installing RC-2.  Thought it wise to
experiment with an old laptop as my Magaeia 2 system is now my main
workstation.  The installation went very smoothly but the display
would not work - flashing red, green, blue, white, black screens
forever.  Fell back on the nv driver and booted into GNOME Classic OK.
No wireless so over to ethernet.  OK.

One minor problem was no backspace to start with.  After switching to
gdm that went away.

The main problem at this stage is no media updates.  The DVD appears
in the list as the only update medium and any attempt to add the full
list of sources hits this error:

"...retrieving failed, curl failed, exited with 9"

"Unable to access the distribution medium (no media.cfg file found)"

Using aria2 as downloader gives error 4 and wget error 8.

/etc/release = Mageia 2 release (Cauldron) for x86_64
/etc/urpmi contains mediacfg.d => Devel and Official
Devel,,, contains media.cfg

Does media.cfg need to be copied down the tree?

I guess these things need to be reported as bugs but I am not sure where
to start.  The release notes imply that some firmware updates may be
required, for older hardware (?), so I was hoping to download the
specified package.


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