[Mageia-discuss] Upgrade to mageia 2, screen upside down !

Dimitrios Glentadakis dglent at gmail.com
Thu May 24 09:04:16 CEST 2012

2012/5/24 Remco Rijnders <remco at webconquest.com>

> On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 07:22:36AM +0200, Dimitrios wrote in <
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> >:
>  2012/5/24 Dimitrios Glentadakis <dglent at gmail.com>
>>  I upgraded to Mageia 2 from Mageia 1. After reboot, in KDE i have the
>>> screen upside down. The windows title is correct but the content of the
>>> windows that belong to the bottom area are in the top, and the words are
>>> written from right to left. I rebooted again but the problem is always
>>> present. My system is unusable now. I have nvidia card.
>>> Any idea ?
>>> It is not a rotation but a direction problem. Eg, The mouse pointer is
>>> correct.
>> Here is a screenshot:
>> http://img526.imageshack.us/**img526/7963/kdes.png<http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/7963/kdes.png>
>> In LXDE it works , but i dont have any icon in the taskbar. There is a
>> square instead.
> No clue as to the cause or solution of this problem (have you tried
> starting with a fresh .kde4?), but I do think you win the price for the
> most visually stunning bug report so far :-)
> Remmy

Yes, i think i worth the price! :D

i will install icewm because the lxde has the menu broken, in the taskbar
does nt open, i open the applications from the File manager > Applications,
in the left column of the file manager.

On boot, it stalls for a while (40 sec.) in the "Started /home..." and it
has a message about a missing dependancy in cryptography .... something
like that, if it is interresting i will note the excact message when i will
be at home, this evening.

So far, my upgarde has broked my system. I hope that is not the case for
many users.

Dimitrios Glentadakis
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