[Mageia-discuss] Successful Install with some initial thoughts

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Fri May 25 08:12:26 CEST 2012

AL13N a écrit :
>> On Thu, 24 May 2012 16:14:27 -0400
>> Marc Paré<marc at marcpare.com>  wrote:
> [...]
>> I agree with all Marc's comments, but perhaps he and I aren't typical
>> (I am almost 70.)
>> The choice of Window Decorations:  I don't like the Oxygen theme
>> either, but it is the KDE standard.  Plastik is one of my favorites as
>> well.
>> The Cursor theme: Once again, this is standard.  I have changed to the
>> blue version of Marc's White Glass.
>> Nepomuk:  I am using XFCE.  I hate KDE's attempts to cover the screen
>> with information popups.  I set aside .75 of a Gig for a Home Directory
>> in my test setup, running KDE. 630 MB of it is used up in hidden
>> directories, with 149 MB in Akonadi.  Long gone are the days when a
>> whole distro would fit in 2 GB. When I do switch to KDE,
>> indexing makes startup take about as long as in Windows. That should
>> make the team at KDE happy!
> Actually I too am of the same-ish opinion:
> A. I don't like oxygen theme as well
> B. Cursor theme blends too well indeed
> C. Nepomuk, i often do stuff, and /home becomes huge, i don't really
> need/want indexing. i wouldn't know what benefits it could have...
> usually, i know where something is, and in the rare event that i lost
> something, it could very well be on other PCs, so a find will do at that
> time.
> unless it also indexes the email and makes email searches faster, i won't
> need it.
I have similar opinions as well.
I haven't yet had time to download mga2, but
* for window decorations, I use the "Mist" theme with "Simple" borders, 
which is the simplist I found on Gnome.  (don't know if there is 
something equivalent on KDE.)
I also use a plain background.
* for the cursor theme, I have long used redglass, a cousin of 
whiteglass.  I increase the size and transparency a bit.  (Red is more 
visible than white, although I would prefer something like orange or 
green if it were available.)  I agree with Marc that the shadow is a bit 
strong, but it is way better than the default pointer.
* I've tried KDE in the past and found it too heavy, and with the recent 
Gnome changes I'm leaning toward LXDE.
* for Indexing, it is wasted on me as well.  It just takes up space and 
slows processing.  So I always disable/uninstall it.
I organize my computer for how I use information.  If I can't find 
something right away, I use the (Gnome) search engine, but that is 
probably less than once a week.
And email searches are fast, since I filter my email by correspondant.

BTW, to reassure Doug, I don't think age per se has anything to do with 
it.  I like simple, clear, elegant and functional.  For the dancing dog, 
there is always Microsoft.


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