[Mageia-discuss] TV Card -- PowerView Super Digital Video Glaring Series

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Sun May 27 19:04:15 CEST 2012

Just in case anyone has ever purchased one of these cards. You can often 
buy them for approx. $20 Cdn[1] but they do not have a Vendor ID that 
Mageia can use to identify the card or to set it up. The card uses a 
SAA7130 chip from Phillips Semiconductors.

In order to set it up:

. go to the MCC
. choose hardware
. find the card in the hardware list and run setup
. put in the following: Tuner: 39 Card: 3 gbuffer: 4
. reboot your system so that Mageia can recognize the card properly
. you now have a working TV-Card(Tuner) working on your Mageia

The card comes with a remote and an infra-red adapter. Without any 
fiddling, the remote can change channels but the other buttons do not 
function at all.

Hope this may come in handy for anyone buying this card. It works well 
and I have already installed 6 in Mageia boxes.



[1] http://www.factorydirect.ca/Product.aspx?sku=PO0010

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