[Mageia-discuss] Testers needed for ncpfs (Requires access to Novell Netware server).

David W. Hodgins davidwhodgins at gmail.com
Tue May 29 21:18:55 CEST 2012


We have a security update for ncpfs, for both Mageia 1 and 2,
but the only way to test this, is with access to a Novell Netware

Anyone actually have access to one, who could help with testing
this update?

To install the update run (as root)
urpmi.update Testing
urpmi --media "Core Updates Testing (distrib5)" ncpfs ipxutils libncpfs2.3
urpmi --media "Core Updates Testing" ncpfs ipxutils libncpfs2.3
depending on how the repositories were added.

Then see if you can still access the files service by the
Netware server.

Please report success or failure either in the above bug report, or
as a follow-up to this message.

Thanks, Dave Hodgins

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