[Mageia-discuss] Formal request to the Board/Council

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Wed May 30 12:43:41 CEST 2012

A. Request to open discussion logs of the board about the Mandriva agreement

I'm referring to the announcements wrt the collaboration with Mandriva
SA and the usage of the Mageia distribution as base for server
products, as announced in the blog entry:

1. I am NOT against any of the points mentioned there, so pls do not
take this as an unfriendly act or even a lack of trust in the board or
single members of the board. This it is definitely NOT!

2. I respect the need for non-disclosure by the Mandriva SA side while
these negotiations/discussions were going on. I also respect the fact
that the internal discussions of the board about the matter were not
to be held in public at that time.

Now the announcements were made in public these reasons for
non-disclosure are not valid any more.

**Therefore I request the logs of the internal discussions of the
board about this matter to be opened to the public and this opening
being announced to the public.**

I am positively sure that 2 weeks are more than enough to decide on
this request.


1. Transparency is a top requirement for such a project as Mageia. The
more this transparency is needed if the matter is of great interest to
all members of the Mageia community. If the transparency can not be
provided because of valid reasons (as has been the case here) it
should be established as soon as these reasons are not valid any more.

2. The following questions are not answered by a mere announcement:

 - was the decision to enter the agreement with Mandriva SA unanimous
or were there votes against it?
 - if there were votes against it who were the people voting in favor
and who votest against it?
 - what were the arguments of both sides

These questions can only be answered by opening the internal logs
concerning this matter.
Again: this request only concerns the *internal* discussions in the
Mageia board, not any discussions with external entities (namely
Croset and/or Mandriva SA).


B. Request to put a procedure in place to reach the board / council

In our organisation there is a well organized structure to forward a
single user's request all the way up to the council / board - but only
if he is a member of a team!

How can a user who is not member of a team contact the board and/or
the council in an official and public way? Of course there is a mail
address to contact and you can always reach single people of the board
/ council by mail but mails to these contacts are private mails, not
seen by the public and not official.

The only way I found so far is the one I am using here, hoping that
somebody of the board is reading this. Is there a need for an official
procedure (as I think it is) or do you think this way (via
mageia-discuss) is sufficient?


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