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> hello everyone
> the last project that come to us from mageia teams is quite good
> but there are some troubles that i wish mageia artwork-team take care of
> it before the next release
> and one of those things is the installer looks
> since mageia artwork-team and community people decided to get a rid of
> ia-ora theme and replaced it with oxygen looks
> then they supposed to do it in the whole distro's softwares
> like the installer
> it suppose to use oxygen look's not ia-ora

That's a good point, and worth looking into. Do you have screenshots? If
so, please file a bug report.

> =======================================
> so i hope this bug will be solved next time
> ===============
> oh there plenty of ideas that i wish all of you read it and support it if
> its good
> like this one
> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3898

This is the color scheme one.
There are some amorphous plans to develop a unique Mageia theme that will
work in KDE and GNOME.
Right now it's just an idea. We need to look into how difficult it will be
to make the themes and maintain them.
Another option is to use the Oxygen theme with our own colors.
Once the artwork team sets its goals for Mga3 we'll let you know :)

> and this one
> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5342

This is a WONTFIX, as it relies too much on individual taste.
While I appreciate the desire for Mageia to have its own unique look, it
might not be possible.
How do we decide which look, which icons to put down, what order they
should be in? Ask people? For every ten people we ask we'll get 15 opinions.
The best we could hope for would be to stick with the "standard" as a
default, it's what people are used to, and let people change their own look.
As pointed out there, many new users might not know how to do this, so
maybe creating a wiki page explaining it would help.

Also, opening bugs is a good thing, we can't always be reading all the
threads in the forum. Opening a bug draws our attention to it. But
sometimes it's a bug that just won't get fixed.
Sorry about that.

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