[Mageia-discuss] Forum support: your help is needed!

Marja van Waes marja11 at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 4 09:05:34 CEST 2012

On 04-06-12 04:46, Doug Laidlaw wrote:

> You can add one if you wish.  Just right-click on the desktop and
> follow the pop-up menu.  Better still, get an account.  Both you and
> Maxci write as if you will be users, not contributors.

You have to be a user before you can contribute ;)

Anyway: Maxci is already a contributor who has done wonderful work in 
translating the help texts for installer, in coming with briliant ideas 
and in many other ways.

Any user can help in the forum. There is no need to be able to answer 
every question, not even a need to be able to answer half of them.

Even if you know the answer to only one out of 100 questions: if you 
answer that one, it already helps.

Also, it helps if you ask someone who, e.g., complains that he can't 
mail, without telling more, like which e-mail client he uses and whether 
he sees any error messages, to give more details. Or if you ask someone 
who replies that his problem is solved, to put [SOLVED] at the beginning 
of the title of his thread.


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