[Mageia-discuss] Stand up for your freedom to install free software - perhaps OT

Norbert Marchl norbert.marchl at aon.at
Thu Jun 7 09:00:25 CEST 2012

Am 2012-06-07 01:28, schrieb Kristoffer Grundström:
>>> I'm not sure if others have seen this:
>>> <http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/secure-boot-vs-restricted-boot/statement>
>>> John
>> The statement says that all new computers must have the Windows-only
>> lock.  What about upgrades?  If I buy a computer from a Linux dealer
>> and retrofit Windows 8, where do I stand?
>> I am staying with XP. The dealers still prefer XP over Win7, when
>> they have a choice.  When I can no longer use that, Windows goes out the
>> window.
>> Doug,
>> Registered Linux user.
> it means that if vendors will want to have the Win8 Certified Sticker, 
> they
> will need to provided UEFI Secure Boot with only the windows key.
> that means you can't simply buy a machine and put linux under it, without
> thinking.
> Either, you will need to disable Secure Boot (maybe a jumper on mobo 
> or in
> BIOS) or somehow add extra keys you need to build yourself for your 
> own kernel
> and bootloader.
> originally, Microsoft had required that this key be hardwired, so that 
> it was
> impossible to disable it or add any key.
> now it's still true for ARM devices, but not anymore for desktops. (after
> quite some upheaval Microsoft let it go for desktops)
> Fedora made a statement that it'll buy subscription from the windows 
> key in
> their installer.
> it's a PITA, but also quite sad. 
Maybe the price for a key like this will become to high, and a projects 
(like mageia that live only with donations and will not be chained on 
one company) can't buy this price and must die. So the only was live in 
the furthure ist M$?

registered translator in the mageia project

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