[Mageia-discuss] Need help recovering execute permission on local files

Len Lawrence tarazed25 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 12:33:46 CEST 2012

After a warm reboot this morning I found that I no longer had the
ability to run my own commands even though the permissions are correct
and ownership is lcl (uid=500).  User system commands are OK so
running a script via ruby for instance works but trying to execute the
script by itself fails even though it is fully executable.  This
applies to all my local bin commands.  Command aliases however do work
as long as they do not involve running any of my bin files.

Even root cannot execute these bin commands; same message "Permission 

In addition the system has switched me to autologin.  Trying to run
mcc I was told it cannot be run in console mode (??).  If I login as
su mcc comes up in console mode, which I am not inclined to use.

The hostname on this machine is belexeuli; this does not appear in
the command prompt: [lcl at localhost ~]$

After su: [root at belexeuli lcl]#

This may all have something to do with my adding groups and changing
group ids yesterday in my attempts to implement a viable sudoers
command.  It worked and I could log out and in again without any
problems.  I even managed a reboot without trouble but today is
another story.

I suspect that solving these multiple problems is beyond my technical
skill even with help so a full reinstall is probably the best bet.
However I will await any comments.


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