[Mageia-discuss] Handbooks - the lot

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati renaud at olgiati-in-paraguay.org
Mon Jun 11 20:04:25 CEST 2012

On Thursday 12 Apr 2012 22:28 my mailbox was graced by a message from Liam R E 
Quin who wrote:
> > if I want a KDE application I have to install the handbook.

> Which seems to me exactly right. It's insane to install applications
> without their documentation.

I have a palmtop (EeePC) with only 4Gb HD, and I consider it would be insane, 
given the limited HD space, to install things I do not need for daily use.

Mind you, I fiound a simple way to get rid of unused / unwanted docs with 

	for I in $(locate "usr/share/doc"); do rm -f $I; done
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