[Mageia-discuss] QA bugs for MGA1 and MGA2

Claire Robinson eeeemail at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 22:18:27 CEST 2012

Morning Dev

This is just a follow up email after the packagers meeting on behalf of QA.

* At packagers request we have recently been trialling the use of one 
bug report where updates cover both releases. So mga1 and mga2 on the 
same bug. So far it has been working quite well. Complex ones like php 
have been using two bugs so if you do this please use common sense as to 
whether it needs two (or more) or could be put onto one.

One which should really have been split was the recent postgresql update 
where 8.4 & 9.0 for mga1 and 8.4 9.0 & 9.1 for mga2 were all on one bug 
report. It could have been better with one for each version. Luckily 
there was nothing wrong and validating went without a hitch but if 
something was wrong then it would have been very difficult to keep track.

* As we are now mostly using one bug report for this type of update we 
need a simple way to be able to spot those bugs. With current bugzilla 
it is not possible to set multiple releases. We'd appreciate if you 
could follow the bugsquad policy for this.

It is quite simple and elegant really. Set the 'Version' to 2 and add 
MGA1TOO into the 'Whiteboard'.

Doing so will enable QA to see straight away that the bug has updates 
for both releases.

In the meeting an action was set with the wrong keyword 'MGA2TOO' so 
please ignore that, it should be 'MGA1TOO' as 'Version' will already be 
set to '2'.

Much appreciated
Claire (MrsB)

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