[Mageia-discuss] systemd and faxgetty

Jim Whitby jim at whitby-jr.org
Fri Jun 22 04:18:07 CEST 2012

Installed hylafax client-server.

Nothing starts up at init.

The init scripts in hylafax are not systemd compatible.
Bug filed.

Now my question(s).

Can anyone help me get the systemd files setup to respawn faxgetty on 
ttyS0 ( or ttys1) ?
I kinda have an idea, but that and $1.50 might get you a cup of coffee.

I have looked at the default serial-getty files, but am not sure what to 
change or to do a completely new file.

I think it would be better to create a new file.

Systemd files are all over the place ( /var/lib /etc and maybe other 
places. ) some are symlinks some not.
Some are template files ( I think I have those figured out ).

more explicitly:
Need enuf info to create faxgetty.service file(s).
Need enuf info to create faxq.service file.
Need to know where to put the files.

Maybe having that info I can start to better understand what I'm doing.

Be happy to supply any additional info requested.



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