[Mageia-discuss] Crivins Episode 20 Mageia Special

Sebastian sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Wed Jun 27 20:45:59 CEST 2012

Doug Laidlaw typed:
> What language do they speak? "wi goat oan wi the show."
I think they mainly do that in show notes, for fun, and to fit in with 
the Scottish theme of the podcast/audiocast.  People speak English in 

On 27/06/12 16:09, AL13N wrote:
>> 2012/6/26 Sebastian<sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com>:
>>> I hope many people will listen to it, and tell me what they really think
>>> :).
>> I would have loved to listen (I tried for almost 5 minutes) but I
>> could not understand most of it. For a non-native speaker of English
>> it gets bumpy with dialects.
> i could follow, but the dialects were indeed strange to follow.
> - seb was a slight big silent
> - coling seemed to speak the same dialect as the other 3 people present
> (or similar)
> is this some kind of scottish?
Yeah it's a Scottish podcast,  Gordon from Glasgow Scotland (or near 
there),  Kevie from the Scottish Isle of Lewis, and more recently Eric 
as well, but from USA.  I live in England and Colin is in Edinbrugh 
Scotland (or near there).

Also the reason for Colin coming on with me as well, wasn't because he 
is Scottish by the way.

Depends on person which accents, but accents can be hard to listen to, 
until got used to them, for example it took me some time to get properly 
used to listening to Gordon, when he was on another podcast. Which I 
also was on last year as a guest, but after he had stopped being on it.

Some things I said didn't seem to get in there or get in there properly 
for some reason, for example Dev C++ and 4 percent market share, and, a 
2012 pre release of Mandriva.

Also did I really use Windows 3.1 in infants or juniors school?  Not so 
sure about that, but Acorns and BBC's yep :). Also the guy who got me 
quite interested in open source I still have contact with him.

> With the exception of Seb and one other, who did not say much and 
> whose name escapes me, I believe that the participants had various 
> regional Scottish accents. They were all speaking in standard English.
> (Apart from a few words, the Scots language is no longer in widespread 
> use.)
> Jim


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