[Mageia-discuss] Reading payment forms with a scanner

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Fri Feb 15 13:47:41 CET 2013

Great work, Juergen!

In the display I sugest the user get presented the original _scanned image_ 
and the end result.

fredagen den 15 februari 2013 11.02.01 skrev  Jan Ciger:
> In Denmark you even have an option for the bills/slips to arrive directly
> to your account with your bank, then you can pay them with a click of a
> mouse if you don't have an automatic debit agreement.

In sweden too.  Only a few organisations can send electronic bills like that, 
but on the other side thye are the commen electricity companies and such.
But only for private use, not for companies.

Morgan Leijström

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