[Mageia-discuss] Good work on upgrades!

Daniel mandriva at daik.se
Thu Jan 3 07:01:37 CET 2013

Hello Mageia team.
In the last few days I did a dist upgrade on my Mageia 1 system. I moved 
to Mageia 2. Now I've done a few dist upgrades in my time and I must say 
that instructions on the mageia site were clear about what I needed to 
do. As always a few things happened that were unexpected. First off, I 
picked in the update applet that I wanted to download all packages before 
the upgrade. As my / file-system would not hold all packages I created 
one in my home dir (non-root), and clicked go. It starts and then tells 
me that the directory has the wrong permissions. However I can not adjust 
which directory it downloads to, nor does it tell me what permissions it 
needed (I think it said "wrong owner" but I am not certain). Anyway I 
restarted the upgrade without first downloading the packages and it all 
went smoothly.

After the upgrade Evolution did not have any mailboxes nor any mails. I 
sort of expected this and it is a problem with Gnome/Evolution rather 
than than Magieia. I followed the instructions I found on the net 
regarding migrating from mbox to mdir and things were peaches again.

Second was that I only had a "suspend" rather than "power off" button in 
Gnome shell. I know this was a Gnome decision, so I went looking for the 
gnome-shell-extensions but could not find them in the repository. I found 
the bug-report that asked for them to be removed. To that regard I built 
them myself from the Fedora 17 SRPMS (Fedora 17 runs the same Gnome 
version as Mageia 2). And they work fine. 

I put them up on http://rpm.staticthings.com/ if anyone else is 

In all I am very pleased with how the upgrade went, good work guys and 


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