[Mageia-discuss] KMail (KDE 4.8.5) in Mageia-2: POP password window greyed out

Maurice Batey maurice at bcs.org.uk
Tue Jan 8 17:27:23 CET 2013

Using KDE 4.8.5 on Mageia-2, I've come across an unexpected difference
between the Password fields of Configure KMail/Accounts/Modify for POP
and SMTP accounts.

In the SMTP account, the Password field is open to change.

In the POP account, the Password field is greyed out with the words
   "Wallet is disabled in System Settimgs". 
(No password was provided during account setup).

Although I've always steered clear of KWallet (never seeing the need
for it), that does not seem to create a problem with changing the
SMTP password, but makes it impossible to enter one for the POP account.

And iof I then enable  KWallet in System Settings, then KWallet keeps
butting into KMail sessions.

Anyone know of a solution to this, please ?

	(Retired in Surrey, UK)    

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