[Mageia-discuss] Help: Looking for a KNode replacement

Trish Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Thu Jan 10 16:17:58 CET 2013

> On Thursday 10. January 2013 15.17, Trish Fraser wrote:
> > PGP/Core
> > PGP/Mime
> They where installed
> > It requires gnupg to be installed
> It is. :-)=
> > and once you've told GnuPG about your signatures 
> > claws picks it up just fine (see my signature below).
> I think I have. I've been using PGP, and GnuPG since may 1999, and
> only now do I have problems. Is there a specific option you are
> refering to, when you "tell it" about your key?
> When i sign and encrypt in the terminal, i don't have to do anything
> to make it use my key..

Once the plugins are installed, you still need to tell Claws to load

Use Configuration/Plugins to load the plugins - if they're already
loaded, they will show on the left. If they aren't loaded, click the
load button and select them from the list of installed plugins, which
Claws should find automatically.

Once the plugins are loaded, go to Configuration/Edit Accounts, and in
the main account window select the account and click edit. When the
account editing window comes up, you will see a Plugins item on the
left-hand menu. PGP should now be visible under plugins, and you can
configure which key to use. I have the default selected, but you might
wish to use different keys for different accounts - you set each
account's PGP key and signing/encrypting defaults up here.

Hope this helps!

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