[Mageia-discuss] Do Mageia have something like this?

Kristoffer Grundström kristoffer.grundstrom1983 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 14:48:42 CET 2013

Make sure that ntfs-3g is installed and you SHOULD be fine.
Den 10 jan 2013 23:50 skrev "Johnny A. Solbu" <cooker at solbu.net>:

> In a blog post[1], someone I know have an idea for implementing some
> autodetetion (for Debian in his case), that when a hardware device is
> inserted will propose to install packages needed to operate the device.
> I don't have that many external hardware devices that I plug in and out on
> a regular basis, so I don't quite know how Mageia does this. So I wanted to
> ask, do we have something similar to this that I can point him to, so he
> don't have to invent a wheel that might already exist?
> [1]
> http://people.skolelinux.org/pere/blog/Lets_make_hardware_dongles_easier_to_use_in_Debian.html
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> Johnny A. Solbu
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