[Mageia-discuss] PANIC: The new mga2 kernel of today not OK?

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Fri Jan 18 19:00:11 CET 2013

Analysis and workaround: 

fredagen den 18 januari 2013 15.39.03 skrev  Morgan Leijström:
> Upgraded on my two childrens laptops OK
> But my wifes laptop at boot can not mount root filesystem, boot failed!
> Thankfully the previous kernel still boot OK.
> Two differences:
> The OK macines are 32 bit and use plain LVM for all but /boot
> The failed is *64* bit and *encrypted* LVM for all but /boot
> I am now diskimaging both my wifes machine and my very similar own laptop
> that i have not yet upgraded, and will try more after that.

Morgan Leijström

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