[Mageia-discuss] Do Mageia have something like this?

Papoteur yves.brungard_mageia at gadz.org
Sun Jan 27 22:33:06 CET 2013

Le 27/01/2013 21:12, Charles A Edwards a écrit :
> On Sun, 27 Jan 2013 14:28:55 -0500
> David Walser wrote:
>>> For example, getting a UPS with a USB port working is not something
>>> a non-technical user is able to do on Mageia at present, but is
>>> trivial on Mac OS X (I haven't tried on Windows recently).
>> If it's an APC UPS, just install apcupsd and it'll work out of the
>> box.  I don't know about other brands, but we do have nut too (I
>> think the Mageia Control Center will install that one for you).
> apcupsd will also work with CyberPower UPS and the various house brand
> ups it supplies.
>      Charles
The docteam need some screenshots of the different steps to install UPS 
with MCC tool. Can somebody with this hardware deliver us this?


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