[Mageia-i18n] Meeting December 23, 19:00 UTC

Adjamilton Júnior ajunior at brasifort.com.br
Thu Dec 23 13:12:09 CET 2010


I just checked the meeting logs, I did not forget br, you did not tell
> me that you need one.


09:44:52 <ajunior> will be possible create a br-mageia-i18n at mageia.org
mailing list?09:45:05 <wobo> misc: ?09:45:43 <misc> technically,
yes09:45:50 <wobo> but?09:45:52 <misc> but I am working on setting up
sympa09:46:11 <misc> and so i would prefer create the ml directly on
the new platform09:46:19 <misc> ( less migration work for us )09:47:04
<wobo> ajunior: this will mean a short delay until the new platform is
ready.09:47:29 <Qilaq> yep, such mailing lists as br- or
et-mageia-i18n may be useful - in my case rather not for internal
communication but as possible channel for non-translator people who
have questions or suggestions or something09:47:45 <ajunior> wobo, no

09:48:39 <wobo> #action misc to set up mailing lists br-mageia-i18n and
et-mageia-i18n on sympa when ready


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