[Mageia-i18n] Council meeting topics related to i18n, Mageia Calendar

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 4 16:47:40 CET 2011


I want to talk about 2 topics here:

1. Council meetings

as you may know the temporary founders meeting on Mondays has been
replaced by the regular Council meeting (same time, same place).
Invited for participation are all members of the Council, which
includes all team leaders/representatives.
Now, other than with the usual teams (marcom, artwork, dev, packagers,
etc.) our i18n team has "sub-teams", the language teams. Apart from
the fact that their leaders/representatives are always invited to
visit/lurk at Council meetings as everybody else, we should establish
a regular topic in the agenda of our i18n meetings: "Topics of Council
meetings which relate to i18n and its sub-groups".
Here we can discuss the consequences Council's decisions may have on
the whole i18n section, and also ask the i18n team leader(s) to report
back at the next council meeting. Language group leaders should
forward such issues and decisions to their language team.

Most times we have been doing this, sure, and besides, everybody can
read the Council meeting logs, but to be sure I would like to make
this a fixed rule for the i18n meeting agenda.

2. Mageia Calendar

So far only the board & council members and team leaders can
enter/edit entries in the calender - relevant for us are the
categories Events & Meetings. So, in case you will participate at
local events, pls contact me to make an entry (see German event
"Chemnitzer Linuxtage" as example).
As a reminder: pls contact me as well in case of such local events so
I can write a blog entry about it.

Also, feel free to tell me about language team meetings so I can make
an entry in the calendar if you want.


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