[Mageia-i18n] Blog translations and overall status of the i18n section

Marek Laane bald at smail.ee
Wed Mar 16 23:33:46 CET 2011

2011/3/16 Wolfgang Bornath <molch.b at googlemail.com>

> Hi there,
> no, I don't want to beat a dead horse, I'd rather like to wake up a
> sleeping herd!
>  Overall status of the i18n section:
> ========================
> Unfortunately we haven't received anything from the following language
> groups yet, although there are people listed in the wiki for those
> languages:
> Arabic
> Bulgarian
> Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
> Czech
> Dutch
> Estonian
> Finnish
> and some more with just 1 or 2 translators.
> Members of these language teams, pls communicate with us so we can
> find a solution to improve this.
>  - What can we do to make it easier for you?
>  - Where do you have problems with the system as it is?
> After all I presume that all of you have registered in the wiki
> because you want to be a part of this adventure. So, here's your time
> now!
> There may be one or the other of you who is waiting for packages
> localisation to start, this will be very soon and we need your input
> and cooperation for that NOW! But even the best product needs good
> information and communication as well. Translation of the blog and the
> website is an important part of the whole project!
> Well, I'm not sure what kind of information is required... As for Estonian
"team" it consists only of me, like it was in Mandriva - and very probably
would be so in future, too (one reason may be that Mandriva and presumably
Mageia, too, is full translated and translated so good there is no need for
more translators (it may seem exaggeration and a bit selfish but in fact
there was some years ago very thorough review process of Mandriva
translations for some Estonian project which used Mandriva as a base, so one
could say today's translations are approved "by the people" :-) ) but sad
fact is also that Mandriva is and probably Mageia will be not very widely
used, so there is no big community and even fewer activists.

Mageia's web site is translated as much as possible. For blog, I've no
intention to translate it and so far I've not found somebody who would wish
to do it. So, basically, I just wait when translation of sofware is possible
because even such a minor issue as "Mandriva Linux"->"Mageia" needs some
corrections in translations due to peculiar nature of Estonian :-)

> wobo

Marek Laane
Estonian translator
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