[Mageia-i18n] Mageia default Input platform policy

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Thu Mar 17 12:09:00 CET 2011

 On Thu, 17 Mar 2011 18:10:56 +0800, You-Cheng Hsieh wrote:
> Hello,
> Currently Mageia have both scim and ibus in core repository. But
> neither have input method modules available, which means they are not
> really usable right now. (scim and ibus are input method platforms 
> for
> input method modules of different written languages.) Mandriva has
> already begun migration to ibus. I'm wondering if it's planned for
> transition from scim to ibus before the first release of Mageia.

 I think no one talked about it, but that's mainly because that's a rea 
 were few of us
 have knowledge. If you say that ibus is the way to go, we will believe 
 you but I do
 not have the start of a idea on where to start or how it work. So if 
 you have
 precise instruction, I am pretty sure we can make sure this is 
 integrated before
 stable release ( and if this is not,
 this would likely be because there was a lack of manpower more than 
 anything else ).

 Michael Scherer

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