[Mageia-i18n] Change of team leader (FR), needing representative for i18n

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 28 23:31:05 CEST 2011

Hi people,

in todays council meeting I was surprised by the news that Jehane
stepped back from her position as team leader of the French i18n team.
Jehane, thanks a lot for the good job you did!

But may I suggest that in future such changes of positions (team
leader, substitute) shall be announced in the international i18n
mailing list or at least mailed to Oliver or me, pls? I was told that
it was announced in the French mailing list which only the French team
members read. Jehane, if you did tell me and I have not seen it, pls
accept my apologies for that case and have mercy with an old guy. :)

So, to the French team:

Pls organize to appoint a new team leader ASAP and tell us/me about it.

Mageia i18n team representative to the council

As discussed today in the council meeting we agreed to solve the
problem of a cumulation of opinion (people having multiple voices in
council polls because of multiple positions). As I have a voice in the
council anyway because I'm a member of the board we need somebody else
as representative of the i18n team.

His/her job is
 - be present at council meetings and act as member of the council,
 - report his/her team's decisions to the council and back
 - vote in council polls according to his/her team's opinions (which
may not match his own opinion!).

Council meetings take place weekly on Mondays, 18:30 UTC (that means
20:20 local time in France & Germany (daylight saving time)). To be
present is important because it's there where things are decided (if
discussions in the mailing lists do not lead to a consensus) and
actions are started.

I may propose Oliver but I know that he has a lot of different tasks
on his desk, being a full packager, the technical leader of i18n, and
also in the lead of the German team together with TeaAge (his private
life does not count, he does not have one, anyway). So, pls speak up
if you want to represent the i18n team in the council.

This has a deadline: we must find somebody until coming Thursday, March 31st !

I'll send an announcement for the meeting coming thursday tomorrow.



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