[Mageia-i18n] Meeting Thursday, March 31

Marek Laane bald at smail.ee
Thu Mar 31 04:32:44 CEST 2011

2011/3/30 Oliver Burger <oliver.bgr at googlemail.com>

> Am Mittwoch 30 März 2011, 10:45:14 schrieb Wolfgang Bornath:
> >  - Tx is ready for work
> For those of you, who are eager to start (and whose team leaders managed to
> send me a list of translators):
> I created the projects for most of the software we have to translate and
> uploaded the resources (aka pot files).
> You can now go on and fetch your po files from our svn and upload them into
> Tx.
> Please note: if you translate something manually before those files are
> uploaded, your translations will most likely be lost, so either upload the
> files yourself, or if you are unsure, wait for someone to do it.
> If you should have any questions, we will talk about them tomorrow in the
> meeting.
> At the end of this mail you can find a list of websvn links where you can
> find
> the po files to upload into Tx.
> Oliver
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/userdrake2/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/transfugdrake/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/system-config-printer/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/rpmdrake/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/indexhtml/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/identity/CatDap/trunk/lib/CatDap/I18N/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drakx-net/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drakx-kbd-mouse-x11/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drakx/trunk/perl-install/install/share/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drakx/trunk/perl-install/share/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drakx/trunk/perl-install/standalone/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drakwizard/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drakpxelinux/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drakmenustyle/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/drak3d/trunk/po/
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/control-center/trunk/po/

Missing are menu-messages which, one can argue, are maybe most important to
translate - there may be users who ever or varey rarely use any Mageia tool
but hardly anyone can use the computer without the menu...

Marek Laane
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