[Mageia-i18n] List of changed pot files and some more

Remco Rijnders remco at webconquest.com
Wed Aug 8 08:34:20 CEST 2012

On Tue, Jul 03, 2012 at 09:08:11PM +0200, Filip wrote in 
<CAPDQr5Jp-0fPrHxLV2qWqX07bNYE1HVa-gSj4hrq6o-zYS1HZQ at mail.gmail.com>:
>I used script Remco send to this list but I modified and expand it heavily.
>I took that as Bash learn lesson. If there is a wish I can publish it if
>Remco agrees to that ;). Basically it has following features:
>-it's configurable
>-it logs all important actions
>-it operates on list of "translation projects" in svn (including web pages)
>-svn checkout or update as needed on every single project
>-verbose checking for fuzzy and untranslated strings or just statistics
>(numbers of translated, fuzzy and untranslated strings) if required
>-checking the syntax of po and pot file from svn if required
>-copying the *.pot file, *.po file and web page files for editing in
>working directory if required
>-testing for differences of *.po and *.pot file from working copy if
>-searching for new *.pot files in svn
>I hope that this helps someone besides me ;).

Hi Filip,

Please do share your script with the list, I for one am most interested in 
it and am glad to hear that my little mockup script has been of use to you 
for this!

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