[Mageia-i18n] List of changed pot files and some more

Remco Rijnders remco at webconquest.com
Thu Aug 16 07:47:47 CEST 2012

On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 04:01:37PM +0200, Filip wrote in 
<CAPDQr5LMh75XE=W4CmE-znXzZHLG8Q4xZziqN661s-2TTEAZnQ at mail.gmail.com>:
>On 8 August 2012 08:34, Remco Rijnders <remco at webconquest.com> wrote:
>> Please do share your script with the list, I for one am most interested in
>> it and am glad to hear that my little mockup script has been of use to you
>> for this!
>> Remmy
>Hi Remmy.
>Here it is. Remember that I'm very much beginner on bash. Bugs included ;).
>It's still WIP. Large but still it's very useful for me.
>Have fun,


I think it is a most excellent start to help us (translators) keeping an 
eye on work needing done. I guess the use of this script has helped you in 
the tremendous work you've been doing as of late.

I have uploaded the script to SVN so it might be of wider use to our team. 
It can be found at svn://svn.mageia.org/svn/soft/i18n-tools . With some 
minor extra work, it should be easy for most translators and their teams 
to use. I really hope you don't (or anyone else for that matter) mind that 
I've taken the liberty of putting it in SVN.


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