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On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 08:58:15AM +0800, Kiki wrote in 
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>I am new to subversion. And because there is no Indonesian translation in drakguard at svn, I intend to add it. But when I checked with the command 'svn st -u', appears with a question mark (?) on the id.po status. Is this not a problem?

Hi Kiki,

If there was no id.po file in the project yet, SVN does not yet know 
whether or not to track this file or not. It will not add these files 
automatically as it doesn't want to pollute the revision control system 
with scratch files, WIP's, and intermediary obect files etc. that are 
meant to be kept outside of SVN.

With 'svn add id.po' you tell it that you want to use svn to keep track of 
this file for you.

The question mark should now disappear.

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