[Mageia-i18n] translation mageia 2 web page

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 22 17:00:11 CET 2012

Am 22.02.2012 16:03, schrieb Marcello:
> hi,
> where can i find the php array of this webpage? thanks
> http://www.mageia.org/it/2/
Sorry, I didn't think about that. Find attached the locales.php file.
Please do follow the following steps:

- Rename it to 2_<lang>_locales.php (<lang> being your language code
- replace 'en' by '<lang>' inside the file
- translate the strings. Please remember. If you have to use single 
quotes somewhere in your language, you have to escape them (writing \' 
instead of ')
- send the files back to me.

Thank you,

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