[Mageia-i18n] Some problems with website

Marek Laane bald at smail.ee
Fri Jul 13 05:14:36 CEST 2012

translating website I discovered there are still some problems, IMHO
related to the redirection. IIRC when localized page is not there it should
be redirected to the English one. But now some links give me "Not found". I
just mention them below.

Clicking in http://www.mageia.org/et/about/ to the link of Constitution
gives me "Not found" http://www.mageia.org/et/about/constitution/
Clicking in http://www.mageia.org/et/map/ to the link of Calendar gives me
"Not found" http://www.mageia.org/et/calendar/

Also, there is "old" (i.e. translated old way, not with lang-file)
http://www.mageia.org/et/contribute/ where there is e.g. Donate link to the
English page http://www.mageia.org/en/donate/, yet there is from old days
also Estonian page http://www.mageia.org/et/donate/ (though layout of these
page is for some reason different ...)

But OTOH it's great that Mageia's website can be translated so thoroughly.
Not all of it yet but it's very promising. Keep it going so on!

Marek Laane
Estonian translator
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