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Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Fri Jun 8 13:27:52 CEST 2012

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Hello.  I am interested in contributing to Mageia, but am a non-coder.
 I write this introduction in the hope that you can identify how best
my experience can help the project.

History - My first success in Linux was with Mandrake 8.  I stayed
with Mandrake/Mandriva for, perhaps, 6 years before moving to Fedora,
where I stayed until recently.  The original Mandrake TWiki was run by
Vincent Danen, Huffy (Eric Huffsteder(?) ) and myself.

I gradually become more involved in answering user questions on
mailing lists, and in 2007 was invited to become a member of KDE e.V.
 In 2008 I was one of a tiny team that started http://userbase.kde.org
and am now the maintainer.  The web team consider me a part of their
team, but I am responsible for wiki content, not mediawiki code.

In 2010 our wiki took a great step forward.  We had had translated
pages for some time, only to find that some of those pages were out of
date by 2 years!  After much consideration, discussion with the
author, Niklas Laxström, and testing on a sandbox, we installed the
Translate extension for Mediawiki.  This has been a great success.

* It enables multi-lingual users to assist in keeping the translated
pages in sync with the English pages
* It enables translators to see at a glance which pages have changes
that need translating.
* It enables the i18n team to concentrate on the "official" docbook
content by freeing up time spent on wikis.
* It can be used online or off-line, exporting with gettext and
working with Lokalize or similar apps.

If Mageia's teams are interested in this development, we have a
sandbox where you could investigate the workings - I can set up
translator accounts there for anyone interested.

In my early days with Mandrake I was, like many users, completely new
to Linux.  The language was strange to me, and although I appreciated
the existence of the drakes, I didn't always know how to use them.
Eventually I found documentation with screenshots - I think it was on
mandrakeuser.org, but I'm not sure.  They were a tremendous help.  I
haven't found this kind of help on the Mageia wiki, and would be
interested in helping get it there, if it isn't present.

KDE wikis do take quite a bit of my time, but I feel a debt of honour,
not to say an emotional attachment, to the offspring of Mandrake.

I am not subscribed to either of these mailing lists.  If any of this
is of interest to you, please contact me and I will subscribe


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