[Mageia-i18n] Portuguese translation

Rémi Verschelde remi at verschelde.fr
Tue Jun 12 19:35:04 CEST 2012

2012/4/23 Sérgio Marques <smarquespt at gmail.com>:
> Hi
> My name is Sérgio Marques and I´m from Portugal. I´m fluent in English and
> currently working in localisation of LibreOffice, Xfce and some other open
> source projects.

Hi Sérgio and welcome to Mageia's internationalisation team!

Sorry for the late answer, but your mail reached the mageia-i18n
mailing list only yersterday. I guess you were not subscribed to the
list when you sent your mail. Please subscribe to the mailing list[1],
it is necessary for us to be able to coordinate the work of the
various teams; there is not an enormous amount of traffic on this
mailing list, but if you fear so you can set up filters in your
webmail or mail client.

> Looking at wiki I don´t see any team for Portuguese, but when checking at
> svn I can see that ze has made some commits.
> Is anyone working in Portuguese translation? I can help in my free time.

As he wrote a few hours ago, simplew is also a new Portuguese
translator, so it would be great if you could organise your work

The general process for translation is:

- software: All Mageia software that we have to translate are on our
Subversion repository, and you can find the links to the PO files
here: https://wiki.mageia.org/en/List_of_Mageia_transifex_projects (On
our wiki you can read about Transifex, which we used for the string
translation before the release of Mageia 2, but it is now kind of
broken and we are thinking about finding another solution, so for now
we're back to the SVN). If you are not used to translating PO files,
don't hesitate to ask for support here or on #mageia-i18n on IRC. Once
you have translated a PO file, it has to be commited to the SVN
repository to be included in the next version of the software. Your
team has no member with commit rights for the moment, so you will have
to send your translations to a fellow translators with commit rights
(the simplest way is to send your translation to the i18n mailing list
asking for someone to commit it). Once we are sure that there is at
least one active and reliable contributor in the pt translation team
we will grant him/her commit rights.

- website: See https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Internationalisation_Team_(i18n)#Website_translation
and don't hesitate to ask questions if something is unclear.

- wiki: translation is on hold for now; more information about this in
the coming days/weeks.

- blog: There is already a Portugese blog for Mageia. I think it may
be pt_BR though, since we don't have many Portugese contributors for
now. You could contact the blog translators to have more information
about it.

> --
> Sérgio Marques

Rémi / Akien

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