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Sun Sep 2 14:23:46 CEST 2012

Le 01/09/2012 12:04, Rémi Verschelde a écrit :
> 2012/9/1 yikei lu<luyikei.qmltu at gmail.com>:
>> Hello. My name is Yikei Lu. I live in Tokyo/Japan.
>> I want to start megeia into Japanese.
>> My account: luyikei
>> luyikei
> おーいYikeiさん! (I wonder how you write 'Yi' in katakana ^^)
> 初めまして. 私は訳書チームの共同監督です.
> I'm really glad that you join us to translate Mageia into Japanese, it's great!
> Since you are our only Japanese translator, you are therefore the
> Japanese team leader. Feel free to recruit other translators if you
> know some people who might be interested in contributing to Mageia.
> The main things to translate for Mageia are, in order of importance
> (in my opinion at least):
> - Strings: all the strings for Mageia software, so that Japanese
> people can use an up-to-date Japanese version of Mageia. At the moment
> we use a Gettext/Po files translation system synchronised through our
> Subversion repository (svnweb.mageia.org). I will see that you are
> granted commit rights to the Subversion repository to be able to
> commit your translations.
> If you don't know about Po files or about SVN, feel free to contact me
> or anyone on the team so that we can introduce you to these
> technologies. Please note that there were probably partial Japanese
> translations of Mandriva (the Linux distribution Mageia forked from),
> and you can use those as a basis for the new translations. Look out
> for "jp.po" files on SVN.
> - Website: the website www.mageia.org can be translated into Japanese
> if you want to, to better advertise the distribution. We use a system
> based on .lang files which are quite simple: the English version of a
> string is preceded by a semi-colon, and the translation goes on the
> following line. See www.mageia.org/langs/report.php if you are
> interested in it.
> - Blog: the website blog.mageia.org can also be translated, but I
> don't think it should be a priority until most of the software strings
> are translated to Japanese and included in Cauldron (the future Mageia
> 3). You can ask here for a blog.mageia.org/jp wordpress instance of
> the blog to be opened if you want to translate the blog.
> - Wiki: more information about it "soon". For now the translation
> process is still being discussed.
> Again, welcome aboard!
> Regards,
> Rémi V. / Akien
Hello Yikei Lu
Welcome in Mageia teams !
I think that Rémi forgot to mention also the documentation part to 
It contains the Installer help text, which are accessible during the 
installation, and we are working on help to Mageia Control Centre.

Available : http://doc.mageia.org/
Work in progress : http://docteam.mageia.nl/en/MCC/content/

Rémi, you can specify your priority about the documentation translation.

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